R3 is an enterprise blockchain company, building the Corda platform

Finteum is an Entrepreneur in Residence organisation at R3

R3 Marketplace


Fnality is creating a network of decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures (dFMIs)

Fnality and Finteum collaborated together during 2019

Baringa Partners

Baringa Partners is a Consulting and Advisory firm with intraday liquidity expertise

Baringa Partners is collaborating with Finteum and R3, focusing on progressing the Finteum concept with banks and regulators


Industria creates Blockchain DLT solutions for enterprises, marketplaces and ecosystems

Industria and Finteum collaborated in Q1 2019 to create a pilot of the Finteum technology

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Meet the Team

At Finteum we strive to ensure we are a client-focused, professional and collaborative team. We are energetically tackling the challenges of integrating innovative distributed ledger solutions into banking technology infrastructure.

Brian Nolan


Experience in intraday liquidity and banking infrastructure.

Zbi Czapran


Data engineer with financial services and startup experience


20+ years in finance, including BNP and Clearmatics

25+ years in technology, including Barclays and R3

20 years in treasury, most recently MD liquidity, Deutsche Bank

25+ years in finance, including Ediphy, UBS and Morgan Stanley

7+ years in leadership including Apple. Customer experience focus.

10+ years in investment banking. Strategy focus.

Interested in joining our team?

Finteum is always looking for the next great addition to our team. We believe that the best people make the best places to work. Send us your resume so that we can chat.