The Problem

Intraday liquidity costs banks billions in profits every year

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Banks often need to make early outgoing payments. Each bank performs a one-sided measurement for liquidity buffer needed and for regulators.

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Banks with an intraday surplus today are unable to easily transact to earn a return, due to inefficient trade processing, settlement risk and credit risk.


The Solution

Finteum is creating a global financial market for intraday FX swaps on distributed ledger technology (DLT). Most finance DLT applications are replicating existing transactions on-ledger to increase transparency and cut costs, but Finteum uses the power of DLT to create a valuable market for intraday liquidity that was previously impossible.

The Finteum initiative is a bank-led initiative, with bank treasury teams driving the direction. The Finteum team does the heavy lifting and helps the banks to agree among each other on the approach.

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Research Paper

For more information, please read the research paper that Finteum co-authored with Baringa Partners and R3.

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